House of Bread has a pasta sauce all its own

House of Bread Chef and Director of Operations Matt Beard worked for months to develop a marinara sauce that the House of Bread could market to local retail outlets.

hobread-sauceConsisting of simple ingredients including plum tomatoes, onions, garlic, red wine, basil, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper, Matt’s pasta sauce is perfectly delicious. 

You can purchase House of Bread marinara sauce at the following retailers:

  • Oliver’s Supermarket, Prospect;
  • Kane’s Market, Simsbury;
  •  Highland Park Market, Farmington;
  • ShopRite, West Hartford;
  • Fitzgerald’s Foods, Simsbury;
  • ShopRite, East Hartford; and
  • ShopRite, Manchester.

Every jar sold brings benefits the House of Bread’s mission to serve our hungry, homeless, and needy neighbors in Hartford.