DariusJoseph, a client of our early years, the eighties, drops in at The House of Bread office on Main Street with a monthly donation of $10.00 in gratitude for all the help and companionship he received those many years ago. Joe is actually a neighbor of ours here in the North end.

Then there is Patrick, who during his drinking years in the 80s and 90s came to our Soup Kitchen daily. Now, Patrick is doing very well, lives out of town but mails in donations now and again in appreciation for help when he so needed it.

Aleasa, who was a long term resident in our transitional living facility is now employed by two non profits in part time positions working with alcohol and drug recovery programs.

A recent graduate of the Home Program spoke at the Home’s Graduation Program.  Months preceding her coming back to school, her three year old daughter was killed in a car accident.  They were hit from behind while at a stop sign.  She came back to the program in memory of her daughter.  She had to do something positive in her life in memory of her daughter.

A gentleman who resided at one of the transitional houses for individuals in substance abuse recovery, stopped by the office.  He wanted to let the co-directors know how much living in the house had helped him.  The support was just what he needed.  He told them they can never realize how much theses houses help individuals get their lives back.